The Gameplay

The set up

Circles of Imora® is designed for 2 players (Age 13 and above), competting with their individually assembled armies. Each player is allowed to expand its deck up to 60 cards. You can start playing with your full Starterdeck – The Beginning – and extend it with other cards from further extension decks to upgrade your army.

At the beginning of the game each player has 20 life Points.

The fight

The game consists of successive, dependent fights. Each fight will take place in one of the 4 available skills:

– Knowledge
– Endurance
– Magic
– Strength

It makes a difference whether a skill in attack or defense mode is used. The left digit signifies the attack strength, the right digit defense.

Additional bonus features can affect the game before, during or after a fight positively or negatively. They can also enhance the skills of the character, generate additional health points or affect the game in additional ways.

The end

After all the cards are played the final score decides who has won. If a player previously falls on 0 points he has lost the game immediately.

The angel and devil symbols highlight the differentiate the good and evil characters. The life and damage points (+Life / -Damage ) are found next to these symbols. If a fight is won the life or damaged points are added or subtracted from your score.

angel and devil

1 World full of battles

8 Nations and Territories

60 Cards in a Full Deck

more extension Decks