The cards refer to the eight nations and territories of the world of Imora. Each nation is associated with a colour and is given an individual symbol. This is designed to help with quick identification when playing.


In the seas, lakes and rivers, the climate is harsh. Lurking in the hidden depths are creatures of unimaginable danger.

Sea Monster and sunken ship
Lemuria Meeresbewohner
horror from the sea
Monster Piranha an Diver

On Imora there are numerous smaller and larger cities that serve as urban centers for part of the population. They are noisy, crowded and violent crime is abundant.

fantasy girl with monster
Alien battle droid
Advanced super soldier

In contrast to the other areas on Imora, the woodlands are still intact. The flora and species are numerous and offer many living beings protection. But beware, hiding in the shade of the trees are terrible inhabitants, willing to defend their habitat at any cost.

White lion and elf
Gentle Hunter
forest guardian

The sparsely vegetated areas on Imora - due to persistent overgrazing and a shortage of water, have become vast hostile deserts. Only the toughest creatures survive here.

fantasy arab warrior
giant spider
sceleton mummy
woman with a bow against dark sky

For the inhabitants of the hemisphere the world of Imora looks no less dramatic. The sky darkens increasingly, the oxygen is scarce and food remains only for the privileged few.

dark angel with girl
dragon rider female

As refugees of a destoried ancient world - people landed centuries ago on Imora and have been struggling to survive ever since.

knight banner
sword, viking warrior
spartan warrior

In the various areas of Imora countless animals live, with razor-shape teeth and perfect camouflage. Fighting in groups, the animals will feast on anyone incapable of defending themselves.

white lion
Raven night
digital fantasy bear
viper cobra snake

The machines come armed with cutting-edge technology practically in every area. They strive for domination over Imora and will fight for it to the bitter end.

robot futuristic mech weapon
war machine
battle mech

Special cards can strengthen or defend your army during a fight. Also they can harm your enemy strongly. Choose your special cards wisely to give your self an advantage over your component.

Ice skull
book with magic powers
Digital illustration of DNA
flaming Sword
Fire and Ice