What happend in the meantime…

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What happend in the meantime…

Dear friends and fans of Circles of Imora. The last few months have been characterized by ups and downs – from lost crowdfunding campaigns to license agreements to requests for participation in a TV show! But read more about it in this update …

Best regards, Dominik


You have actively supported me in my first Crowdfunding project on 100-days.net! Unfortunately, however, this was not successful because we did not reach the target.


This was followed by a crowdfunding action on kickstarter. Unfortunately, however, this was also not successful due to the not achieved target sum. But with 4’000 new releases on kickstarter (only in the Games category) is also no wonder ….


From all these efforts, I got valuable feedback and could get more acquaintances and prospects – which will help me with a new Action.

Inquiries and negotiations

Golden Bell Entertainment came up to me and offered me a distribution and publishing contract for Circles of Imora. The conversations are still running and as soon as the game is finished (all illustrations are available), I would like to accept this offer. Thus, the path is already paved into the markets.
Golden Bell Entertainment develops, produces and distributes games and comics of all genres and successfully runs an animation studio in the USA.

The latest opportunity to introduce Circles of Imora to a wide audience was given to me a few days ago. Mediafisch is looking for innovative business ideas and products for a new 8-part TV show on Sat.1 / ProSieben Switzerland. They have directly contacted me if I do not want to apply with COI – of course I want!
Mediafisch has already developed and produced such programs as „Joya runs“, „Celebrations“, „Happy Day“ or „Homerun“, and works with TV stations on TV shows such as „Beef Club“ and „The Celebrity Grillers“.

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