A brand new and action packed two Player Card Game!

Circles of Imora® is an action packed, brand new and easy to learn two Player Card Game. Construct an army for survival on Imora, then expand your Starterdeck with other cards from further decks.

The cards refer to the eight nations and territories of the world of Imora. Each nation is associated with a colour and is given an individual symbol. This is designed to help with quick identification when playing.

``The art work is amazing and I think it's a great game.``

Zaharias Bridgen, 16 Nov 2016

``Love it!``

Jessica Hudges, 19 Aug 2016

``Hey, I really like your game!``

Roger Hennings, 04 Dec 2016

``I’d like to say WOW! This caught our eye immediately.``

Golden Bell Studios, 09 Feb 2017